Serum Cytokine Profiles to Predict Anti-TNF Responsiveness in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease 

PI: Amanda Riccuito (The Hospital for Sick Children)


Detection of Serum Protein Biomarkers to Predict and Monitor Response to Infliximab Using SOMAscan 

PI: Harland Winter (MassGeneral Hospital)

RADAR: Pharmacodynamic Targets to Enrich a Personlized Infliximab Dosing Dashboard

PI: Phillip Minar (Cincinnati Children's Medical Center)


Genetic & Proteomic Characterization of Anti-TNF Refractory Complicated Pediatric Crohn's Disease

PI: Richard Kellermayer (Baylor College of Medicine)

PAZAZ: Personalized AZithromycin/metronidAZole, in Combination with Standard Induction Therapy, to Acheive a Fecal Microbiome Community Structure and Metagenome Changes Associated with Sustained Remission in Pediatric Crohn's Disease (CD)

PI: Johan van Limbergen (IWK Health Centre) & Francisco Sylvester (UNC Children's)


REFINE: Targeting the Inflammatory Signature to Personalize Biologics in Pediatric Crohn's Disease

PI: Phillip Minar (Cincinnati Children's Medical Center)

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